Festival Fashion: Pitchfork 2018

Words and photos by Anna Selle; Original article posted on playlistplay.com

Erisa’s Bright Yellow Button Up 

Where It Came From: A flea market in Taiwan. I lived there for two years from 2014-2016.

Why Erisa Wore It: It’s my first time wearing it! I was going to tailor it, but decided to just wear it with tight shorts and button it all the way up.

Kristine’s Wide-Brimmed Hat

Where It Came From: A store called Village Thrift in New Jersey.

Why Kristine Wore It: It doubles as sun protection and an umbrella!

Kelsey’s Multi-Colored Dress

Where It Came From: Uniqlo’s clearance rack!

Why Kelsey Wore It: I just took the tags off of it and wanted to wear something wild today.

Silas’ Beyonce Shirt

Where It Came From: A thrift store in Boystown.

Why Silas Wore It: I wanted to do a whole 90s/early 2000s themed outfit and I love Beyonce.

Kaitlyn’s Floral Skirt

Where It Came From: A thrift store in Logan Square.

Why Kaitlyn Wore It: It reminds me of a skirt my grandma had, so I wore it for her.

Daisy’s Beret

Where It Came From: Buffalo Exchange in Dallas.

Why Daisy Wore It: I was inspired by the artists, every day a different outfit. For Sunday I was inspired by the 90s. I wanted to do something chill but what’s in.

Paul Cherry’s Yellow-Tinted Glasses

Where It Came From: Zeni Optical.

Why Paul Cherry Wore It: They’re prescription. A friend had tinted glasses, and it seemed like it would be nice to see the world through yellow for a bit.

Shaheem’s Jersey

Max’s Sunglasses

Where Shaheem Got It: Thrifted it from somewhere

Where Max Got It: Shaheem bought them for me! At a 90s/80s themed store

Why Shaheem Wore It: Kind of inspired by the performers on Sunday. I’ve listened to them since a young age, Chaka Khan and Lauryn Hill. I wanted to wear something that felt 90s, but was more modern and me.

Why Max Wore It: They’re new and I like them, and I really like monochromatic looks. Today was lavender.


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